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So, I am currently in a pause of my learning curve.. Due to life pauses, my education has been recalibrated. So I decided to not fret about it, but go with the flow of God’s mighty hand. He controls my destiny and I choose to submit my life under his grand sovereignty.  I stopped by to listen to TD Jake’s session on his new book “Soar” at Elevation Church…then I bought the book. I am setting my focus on the climb!

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It has been a difficult time for me…this first year of law. Having to modify my course date twice due to illness. Having to deal with difficult life situations that made me want to quit many times. I pray that God will give me the strength to continue when I feel defeated.  I am looking forward to brighter days in the future and much success. I am holding on……….

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My fourth month of first year…..very confusing. How do you get so much information into your mental Rolodex in time to pass a future test? I will have to press forward harder. I will make it to the finish line.  Today, I start with positive affirmation and then get into my Contract, Torts and Criminal  rules of law. Here is my am mantra below:

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